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Erik Lohaven Persson
Ägare av Hats, Boots & Bourbon
Anne Mette Nørskov
Projektleder hos AFUK Ørkenfortet
Signe Antvorskov Krag
Direktør hos SAKinnovation Aps
Indehaver af Sandwichpigen
Oliver Curting
Hjemmesideudvikler hos Hej Verden
Preben Ortmann
CFO hos Omniveta
Stine Engels Henriksen
Grafisk Designer hos Stine Engels DESIGN
Michael Ødum
Managing Director hos Visionize
Kim Balle
Indehaver af Nordic Startup Awards
Kim Balle
Indehaver af Drobe

The warmest recommendations

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dorte for the past three years. On behalf of Lejenregskabschef.dk, she was responsible for bookkeeping at Vivino – a small job that eventually grew into a big job! Initially, Dorte patiently and with plenty of humour taught me, an accounting program novice, what to do. Since then, we worked together once a week – which I always looked forward to.

Dorte’s service is top-notch and there is always room for a laugh and a smile as well as for the more serious conversations. Dorte really understands the accounting challenges a start-up faces and is always extremely kind and helpful.

The warmest recommendations from Ditte Buch Andersen, HR Manager, Vivino.

Ditte Buch Andersen
HR Manager, Vivino

She has made a huge difference

Dorte helped us in the early days when our  budget was rather limited. She chose to sponsor the Nordic Startup Awards,  which have now grown to encompass four regions and 27 countries under the  auspices of our new firm, Global Startup Awards. She has made a huge  difference!

Kim Balle
Owner, Nordic Startup Awards

I saved both time and money

When I started my own business, I wasn’t sure whether I needed to hire an accountant. I thought it wouldn’t be relevant for me until my business was a few years older, and I had a more stable income.Fortunately, someone recommended Lejernregnskabschef.dk. I got one hour’s free start-up counselling, which cleared up a lot of questions for me from the outset. I then decided that I’d better have them on the sidelines from the outset, and I’ve never regretted it!

I’m convinced that having help with my accounts from the beginning has saved me both time and money, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that everything in that part of my business is under control. There are enough challenges for start-ups, so why spend time on accounts when Lejenregnskabschef.dk is much better at it? And I like that I can always call with “dumb questions” if I need to.

I heartily recommend Lejenregnskabschef.dk’s services.

Stine Engels Henriksen
Graphic Designer, Stine Engels DESIGN

Friendly and accessible professional help

Every time I call, Dorte answers – and every time she gives me an excellent solution.

It seems to me that Dorte runs her business to help others. She is a pleasure to work with and is willing to work far into the night to get things in order when I come to her at the last minute before a deadline. 

Lej En Regnskabschef has my warmest recommendation.

Oliver Curting
Web developer, Hej Verden

We have been nothing but satisfied

For several years, we have used Lejenregnskabschef.dk/Juel Viborg to prepare our annual reports, self-assessment tax returns and for a variety of other accounting tasks. We have been nothing but satisfied with the service and qualified assistance we have received, including their flexibility and willingness to provide assistance at very short notice. They, therefore, have our finest recommendation.

Preben Ortmann
CFO, Omniveta

Added bonus: the price was better

Our primary reason for switching to Juel Viborg registered public accountants was that our old accountant was so far away. It was also important to us that our new accountant was competent, could deliver fast service on ad hoc tasks, was meticulous and used to working with smaller businesses, including keeping after us to meet various deadlines. And as a nice added bonus: the price was better and we could cut back on our paperwork.

Michael Ødum
Managing Director, Visionize

Best service

We had had three different accountants in  four years before we found Dorte. The first accountant did everything wrong.  And the second kept sending us invoices, but we couldn’t see what exactly we  were paying for?!!!

We use Lejenregnskabschef.dk to do our  payroll and bookkeeping, and we use their auditing firm to do our annual  reports and self-assessment tax returns.

With Dorte, you get the best service and  everything is done properly.

Good chemistry from day 1. 10 out of 10  ******************* 😘

Owner of Sandwichpigen

Has everything under control

We have used Lejenregnskabschef.dk for three years. We have learned a great deal about our own finances and always know that everything is under control. So I can focus on sales and growing our business.

Kim Balle
Owner, Drobe

Capable accounting with a smile and charm

I have had the pleasure of having Lejenregnskabschef.dk and Dorte Juel Viborg as my accountant for my start-up, SAKinnovation Aps, for more than two years and I can definitely recommend partnering with Dorte.

I don’t have to think about VAT and annual reports or mess with other administrative bookkeeping processes, because Dorte has it all under control. She answers all queries quickly, even in the evening and on weekends, and the prices are very reasonable for the peace of mind that comes with having Dorte at your side.

With Dorte, you get capable accounting with a smile and charm, and she has a real passion for start-ups. It is rare to find all that in one package, and for new businesses like mine, with our days filled to the max with entrepreneurial spirit and new market opportunities, she is worth her weight in gold.

Dorte therefore has my warmest recommendation.

Signe Antvorskov Krag
CEO, SAKinnovation Aps

No question is too trivial

Our organisation, AFUK Ørkenfortet, has worked with Lejenregnskabschef.dk for the past two years.

Lejenregnskabschef.dk takes care of our payroll and bookkeeping, prepares our annual reports for auditing and provides consulting on accounting, payroll and bookkeeping questions.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration and truly appreciate that no question is too trivial and that there is always time for a detailed explanation.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration and heartily recommend Lejenregnskabschef.dk. 

Written by:
Anne Mette Nørskov and Kirsten Del Campo

Anne Mette Nørskov
Project Manager, AFUK Ørkenfortet

Dorte har hjälpt mig med allt

Jag kan med extremt gott samvete varmt rekommendera Dorte Juel Viborg som revisor. Dorte har hjälpt mig med allt ifrån kontakt med myndigheter, banker, budget, registrering av företag och rådgivning. Det är alltid upplyftande att besöka Dorte och man lämnar med ett glatt humör trots att det är budget och siffror som diskuterats. Dorte har en otrolig energi och stor kompetens och ser till att få saker och ting gjorda i ett snabbt tempo.

Erik Lohaven Persson

Ägare av: Hats, Boots & Bourbon – Boutiqe, Cocktails, Café – Istedgade 24

Erik Lohaven Persson
Ägare av Hats, Boots & Bourbon
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