Hire a financial controller

- why mess with the figures when you can
 hire someone to do it for you?

When your accounts aren’t a full-time job

Small and medium-sized businesses often  don’t need a full-time accounting manager.
  Lejenregnskabschef.dk is a cost-effective and flexible option for your  business where you pay only for the time you need.

In the transition period between two appointments

It takes time to find the right person for a  vacant financial controller position.
 Hire a  controller for the transition period. We can also follow an outgoing  controller during the notice period to ensure important information does not  get lost in the shuffle. We pick up routines and tasks, which we can then  pass on to the new controller.

As leave of absence cover

If your controller is going on leave, hiring  a temporary controller is an advantage for your staff, the department and  your business. We can help keep the accounting department running smoothly.

When your accounting staff are under pressure from new projects

In the midst of a large-scale project like  implementing a new ERP system? Hire a controller for the duration of the  project and give your staff some much-needed assistance. We can ease the  pressure and stress, so you can concentrate on getting the project up and  running smoothly.

Our financial controller can help with:

  • Financial controller tasks billed by the  hour for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Preparation of reports for your parent company and board of directors
  • Preparation of audit documents for year-end financial statements
  • Cleaning up neglected accounts
  • Consulting on routine and procedure optimisation
  • Consulting on and assistance with  implementation of new ERP system
  • Consulting for start-ups
  • Bookkeeping instructions and guidance
  • Audit-related assistance
  • Assistance with payroll processing
  • Debtor management services

Hire by the hour

Hire a financial controller from just DKK  600/hour excl. VAT. Contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Request a no-obligation quote

Is it easy to get started?

Absolutely! Just give us
 a call and we’ll set up a meeting – absolutely free and at no obligation.

Is it affordable?

It certainly is. You get your own financial
 controller from just DKK 600/hour excl. VAT.

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